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The use of steel formwork can reduce the waste of wood resources.


        The use of steel template can reduce the waste of wood resources, in line with China's national conditions and the implementation of sustainable development policy, saving a lot of wood. In the early 70 century, China's architectural structure mainly consists of brick and concrete structure, construction template template based on wood. At the beginning of the 1980s, all kinds of new structure system, cast-in-situ concrete structure soared, the promotion and application of steel template had reached more than 75%, the production of steel template factory had reached more than 1000, steel formwork leasing enterprises had reached more than 10000, in saving and substitution of wood about 15 million cubic meters and achieved significant economic effect and social effect.
        High-rise buildings, high-rise buildings and large public buildings construction, large-scale infrastructure construction, urban transportation and highways, railways and other rapid development, the construction technology of steel template continuously put forward new requirements. Steel formwork is concrete casting formwork and scaffold, not only to support the building template and more weight to bear the external loads on the, to ensure that the concrete structure in accordance with design requirements of concrete pouring forming, open a new realm of Chinese construction, realize the green environmental protection, energy saving, building construction dream. 



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