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corporate culture




      The logo of our company, like a finished bridge, reminds us of our primary business. It resembles powerful waves rolling on the sea, which generate tremendous momentum. The logo, an eagle soaring freely in the sky with its wings wide spread, suggests that our company will plough through rough sea wind and waves. By taking advantages of all possible opportunities, our company will surely fly to an even brighter future of the world of bridge engineering. 


      The logo of our company consists of two main colors, with red on the outside and blue inside. Red sybolizes the enthusiasm with which we treat our clients and the fervour with which we are dedicated to our business.  Blue is the color which shows that those who work here in Huahua are strict with our undertakings. 


      The logo of our company is composed of two capitalised H's, an abbreviation of Huahua, or rather, Anhui Huahua Bridge Equipment Manufacturing Co.ltd. Two closely-attached H's, with soft and full lines, sybolizes the spirit of unity and progress as well as harmony and warmth. Also, it reminds you of the high-quality and attentive service that we provide.


The logo of our company can also be comprehended as three parts, of which the lower part, like water, symbolises the whole staff of our company; the middle part, like a ship, symbolises Huahua, and the upper part symbolises our respectable clients. As a whole, the logo shows that, with the support of our clients and great efforts of all our staff members, Huahua will sail from a new starting point.





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