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Company development history

On May 5, 2010, Huahua, after being restructured, moved to Lujiang Chengxi Development Zone, a Province-level Development Zone. As a result, a modern factory stands out in the garden-like south of Hefei Municipality, Anhui Province. 

In 2012, Huaha upgraded itself by investing a great deal in production facility from America, thus advancing our product quality to a higher level. At the same time, Huahu attaches great importance to the building of our R&D team. We make it our end goal to meet the requirements of our clients by transferring from providing our traditional products, such as steel formworks for bridge and tunnel engineering to all-around client-oriented services.

In 2014, our company upgraded from our only product, steel formworks for bridge and tunnel engineering, to a wide variety such as embedded parts, steel members and beret pieces.    

In 2015, Huahua realigned its dealer network by adjusting its sales strategies. With Anhui as our base, we set up an overseas marketing dept. We sell our products as far as Southeast Asia as well as to the surrounding provinces.



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