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Importance of bridge formwork quality



[information] in a large number of bridge construction, there is always the lack of bridge template. The application of bridge formwork is mainly to ensure the quality of concrete construction and construction safety, to speed up the construction progress and reduce the cost of the project.
The formwork engineering of concrete structure is an important tool for the construction of concrete structures. Cast in place concrete structure construction cost of the template project, accounting for 1/3 of the total cost of concrete structure project, the total amount of labor 1/2. Therefore, the use of advanced template technology for improving the quality of the project, to speed up the construction speed, improve labor productivity, reduce the cost of construction and the realization of civilization construction, are of great significance.
It can be said that the quality of the bridge template is directly related to the quality of the concrete project, so in the building should be based on the structure of the appropriate choice of bridge template, so as to achieve a good technical and economic results.
In the bridge template to meet the basic requirements of the quality of the foundation, in the installation of the support must also meet certain requirements, so as to better ensure the quality of construction. We come to a simple understanding of the installation of the template must meet the requirements of the provisions:
(1) the formwork and its supporting frame should have enough bearing capacity, rigidity and stability, and can bear the weight of pouring concrete, side pressure and construction load;
(2) to ensure that the structure and components of the various parts of the shape of the size and location of the correct;
(3) has the advantages of simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, and convenient reinforcement binding and installation, in line with the requirements of the concrete pouring and curing process;
(4) the fight (joints) of the template should be tight and not leaking;




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