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Constantly enhance learning to enhance the competitive strength


Market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in the moment of the quality of the times, and constantly enhance the quality of products is the development of the last word. In addition, the current overall economic situation is in a state of decline, in such a situation only to continue to strengthen their own strength, in order to survive, to develop.
In order to further improve the production technology strength, strengthen the company's product quality, our company in the afternoon of June 13, 2015, the organization line staff for welding skills training. Responsible for training Chen Yizhao, to enhance the training session of fun, make the training to achieve the better effect, combined with frontline staff, take the illustrations to explain the way, and we watched the welding skills video, in the viewing process, respectively, combined with production company of steel template, the bridge shaped steel template, tunnel trolley, hanging basket, embedded parts and other products of welding technology requirements to make a detailed explanation. Last 3 hours of training to the end, the staff combined with their own situation to start the exchange and discussion, have said to benefit a lot.
Our company from exposure to the cause of the bridge has been, always adhere to the "quality first", constantly in pursuit of "excellence", in the production process of steel template, embedded parts and other products, constantly sum up experience, continuous training and learning, a step towards a higher goal. In the future development of strong and large, we will, as always, continue to break their own, for the majority of new and old customers to hand over a better product, for the development of the cause of the bridge to make greater contributions.



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