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The spring comes in full form. celebrate Spring Festival


The time change, the shuttle invisible, after a romantic snow, I ushered in the 2015 annual spring conference. February 10, 2015 at two pm, the company chairman Huang and staff have a joyous gathering grand ceremony!

Company annual meeting kicked off in the resounding slogan of the enterprise and team slogan, the enterprise slogan "Ming Xinhua Huazhu bridge hand in military Xiang Lianpan peak, both to avoid the opening dance of the stereotyped, and sonorous to highlight the passion of our enterprises. Team slogan "safety from the mouth and regulations leave their hands, quality depends on everybody, everyone should pay attention to, be united, a stone into gold", sound neat hung thick, uttering the highlights our team spirit.

Subsequently, the company chairman Huang for the year will make an important speech. First of all, affirmed the achievements in 2014, and all the staff to pay and efforts to express a deep gratitude, but also the majority of the company's new and old customers to give support to express my heartfelt thanks. Secondly, new 2015 placed deep hope and blessing, hope the company can in 2015 and create greater glories, give yourself and give customers a satisfactory answer. Finally, we sent a good New Year wishes to all of you and your family.


After warm applause, a song "tomorrow will be better" music sounded slowly, bring two colleagues from sales of the song is the symbol of our bright future, I believe that in the future on the road, the company can still blazing a way forward.

 In various departments in charge of the work reported in 2014 and 2015 after the initial deployment, the other partners have also brought a variety of different forms of performance, the middle is also interspersed with people looking forward to the draw link. We are enjoying the wonderful scene of the show, while accepting the blessing of God's blessing. Following the release of the list of five other awards, four prize, the third prize, second prize, first prize awards in five lucky employees, atmosphere of the meeting also subsequently climax. Applause againagain, let people excited. Ingenuity interactive aspects of the game, not only led to the atmosphere of the meeting, an increase of interest, but also allow employees to each other between the heart and heart closer.

The production department for a progress report

Technical department for a progress report

The sales department for a progress report

Financial department for a progress report

The office for a progress report

Huang, chairman of the summary

Lottery link gift

Annual meeting of the scene of the year 2014 excellent employee selection activities, under the staff supervision and witness, to ensure that the electoral process and results of fairness, justice, openness, greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of all, I believe that every employee has to with the forward momentum.
Cheers as a song, laughter is like a dream, in Huang, general and several departments join together to sing the "happy family" songs fall next heavy curtain. The annual meeting held in the participation of all the staff, the Hua Hua spirit embodies the most incisive bridge. From the beginning to the end, is full of passion, we are to put such a passion into a new 2015, with our passion to write a more brilliant future.




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