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Enrich the connotation of enterprise culture and enhance the team spirit of enterprise


——Anhui Hua Hua Bridge Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd successfully carried out 2014 annual field training activities

    In October, bright, coincides with the travel time. In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance the emotional connection between each other, improve team cohesion and cooperation spirit, all employees in the company's organization called on, together to set foot on the charm of Lujiang tourism.

Company leaders Huang is also chairman of the board together with the tour, all the way warm, personally for everyone when a tour guide, with the introduction of Huang sound and emotion, everyone together into the ancestral Wu Wuzhuang. A piece of calligraphy and painting, is the representation of a section of the story, they all revealed the Huai culture. Whether it is Wu Changqing's biography, or memorabilia, are enough to make people appreciate the passion's heroic style. Menbian "Zoran loyalty" seems to let people see his dignity, impassioned, the heart that fear can not help but arises spontaneously.

With Gongjin image of general Wu the fear, out from the Huai army culture atmosphere, Chuaizhuo words "heroic bearing thrives, calm, laughing, strong Krupp ashes" stepped into the cemetery of Zhou Yu. Is also the general of the army, compared to the ancestral Wu Wuzhuang, Zhou Yuyuan pour is somewhat less serious, a bit more elegant, even between the lines do not have amorous feelings. A sentence "song is in error, shuro Gu", as the Zhou Yu's talented, a battle of Chibi, fight gave Zhou Yu's myth of immortality. Such a text can play the harp and flute, poetry chanting the word, Wu can became a battlefield, the breathing gas constant Qiankun amorous Shenwu general. People who do not envy?

Enjoy an everywhere historical and cultural sites, was removed to the yefushan feet. A reality in the field training officially kicked off. A group of five teams already tempted, eager for a fight, fully equipped for, ready to prepare to reach the top. A sound signal, the ten teams together in the rush, surging momentum, the mountain scenery is too busy. The steep winding road, full of laughter, with not far behind, echoed with passion. On the hillside, the players helped each other, care for each scene to frequent praise from passers-by to meet the eye everywhere, warm picture. In everyone's unremitting efforts and unity and cooperation, all the people are on the top of the hill. To pay tribute to the spirit of the unity and cooperation, go forward, chairman Huang personally for the top three winning team presented the award, the warm atmosphere of the event, cheers, cheers, applause is incessant Yu Er.

At the foot of the venison Luzhou curl up, provoke you unprovoked gastronomy, quickening pace down. The table on the table of delicious, laughing, no leadership, no subordinates, like an enjoyable lunch dinner. Wine has been a bit tired, climbed up my mind, with the car shaking, and go toward the pool. Have to say, nature is the grotesque carving extraordinary as if done by the spirits, but also created a thin ridge, Lake water. Tie into the Tangchi hot springs, enjoying the warmth enveloped, joyful Yu already tired with the hot springs of dense gas cloud extinction powder.

The day with the sun slowly down to the west near the end, we are still enthusiastic, left aftertaste. Believe that this activity, not only enrich our cultural life, but also to enhance the level of the company's staff cohesion, solidarity. In the future we will be able to better mental outlook and Hua Hua cast together bridge, climb the peak"!



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