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Lecture on safety production knowledge


        According to the County Safety Committee will County Safety Production Inspection and safety knowledge, the popularity of the requirements, combined with the actual situation of the company, the company on August 19, 2013 to the company all serving production personnel were safety education and training meeting, the minutes of the meeting as follows now:
Safety production speaker, to the safety in production are involved in related professional knowledge to explain in detail, first elaborated the significance of safe production is refers to in labor in the production process, to improve the working conditions, overcome insecurity factors, prevent the occurrence of accidents. To ensure the safety of the workers' lives.
  Then of safety production in contact to the security identity, etc., and with pictures for further intuitive explanation, such as safety color is red, blue, yellow, green, red prohibition and stop meaning; yellow means caution, warning; blue represent instructions, must comply with the mean; Green said traffic, safety and provide information on the meaning.
In order to ensure the feasibility of production safety measures, production personnel when meet an emergency, can make the corresponding prevention measures, and repeated practice, on safety in production related to the relevant details for further explanation.



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