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Chairman of the year 2016 New Year speech


As the New Year begins, let us also start anew. With the passage of time, 2016 has arrived silently. First of all, I'd like to speak on behalf of Anhui Huahua Bridge Equipment Manufacturing Let me take this opportunity to wish the very best in the new year to all those who work for Huahua and their family members. Let me wish the very best to all the domestic, abroad, new and old customers. Thank you for the trust and support you give us all the time. 

2015 ,full of success with joy, struggle with hardship, regret yet with inspiration, is now gone. Much as we suffered in this year, we have still achieved a lot. In the past year, under the care of our respected leaders of all levels, and supported by our fresh and old customers, Huahua has spared no pains and scaled new marked heights in all aspects.  

With the overall social economic status declining in 2015, we found it increasingly difficult to go a step further.  An even fiercer competition in the field of steel formwork set high requirements to us. Faced with such challenges, we followed the path of promoting business development through product innovation, which resulted in many breakthroughs in technology as well as many patent certificates. We strongly hold  'integrity, cooperation and win-win' as our business philosophy, with which Huahua has won the recognition and respect by people from all walks of life. We consider it our great honor to be entitled "Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness"

In the past year, we have constantly committed ourselves to improving corporate internal governance, intensifying reform and enhancing the quality education of the staff. With the unremitting efforts of all the members of our company,  Huahua has stepped on a new height. 'Huahua' is better known in the industry. Step by step, we sell our products abroad. Tunnel trolleys made by Huahua are well received by our clients in Singapore and those across the globe… Honors and achievements made in this year all result from the hard work of our staff members. And they belong to all the members of Huahua. I would like to take this opportunity again to express my hearty thanks to you, ladies and gentlemen of Huahua. Thank you for your great service to Huahua. In the new year 2016, by following our fine traditions, we will catch up with the pace of the age and, hand in hand, make our bright future.

The past year is gone. Looking forward to the new year, we are proud that our goal is ambitious. Of course, it is a long way to go to achieve the long-term strategic objectives of the firm. Yet we are eager and full of passion to meet all the possible challenges on the way to success. We will insist on the faith of seeking progress in stability and development in times of hardship, and we will make the best of our technical advantages by taking technology and innovation as the source for our enterprise development. With the new year as a new start, Huahua will take every step firmly and practically to a better and more prosperous future!

Now, it is time for Old Man Time to make way for Baby New Year. Let me take this opportunity to wish the very best in the new year to all the domestic, abroad, new and old customers. Wish everybody and your family a happy New Year and good health!  

Huahua Chief Executive: Huang Xiaohua



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