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Do you understand the difference between the steel formwork and the wood formwork?

Wooden template difference is the steel formwork is made of steel, wood template is with bamboo \ sawdust and other wood materials and adhesive and connected into a wood (such as plywood). As for what, how to use to see you meet practical engineering situation. In terms of cost, steel template either by purchase or rental, prices are much higher than wood template. But steel template can use long circulation time, and wood template at most can also recycle 2 times the.
The difference between steel formwork wood formwork steel formwork is used is made of steel plate, wood template is a wood with bamboo sawdust \ wooden material and bonded together (like the three plates). As for what, how to use, you have to see the specific engineering conditions. In terms of cost, steel plate whether it is to purchase or lease, the price is much higher than that of wood template. But the steel template can long time cycle, and the wood template at most can also recycle 2 times that you project if large, then the steel formwork for relatively more cost-effective. The project is very small, with a wooden template. Again, from the perspective of the use of steel formwork assembling process faster, higher and more stable force to ensure project quality, save time. Wood template processing is convenient (to saw much saw much) to do some special shaped component is convenient (some strange steel template The shape of the component is not good assembly.


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