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A Visit by Prof. Wu and Prof. Fu, both from HeFei University of Technology, to our company, along wi


On Feb. 21, Profess. Wu and Prof. Fu, along with their students from HeFei University of Technology, came to visit our company.

Mr. Huang, our board chairman, expressed our warm welcome to the two professors and then introduced to them what is going on in our company as well as our development history. Having been shown around our company, the two professors gave an affirmative evalution on what we had achieved. Based on the current marketing of steel formwork, they also made a specific analysis of the production management of our company. We heartily appreciate the valuable and practical advice the two professors gave us on the future development of Huahua. As the two professors put it, faced with the increasingly heated marketing competition of steel formwork, Huahua has a strong reason to consider it as its opportunity. With the support of our strong technical power and advanced modern technical equipment, Huahua is expected to win through quality by focusing on manufacturing excellence.

The analysis and advice from the the professors shows us the direction for the future development of steel formwork, making it clear what Huahua will do in the following years. Also, the two professors attached great hope to us by drawing higher demand as well as a far-reaching development plan.

The visit to Huahua by Prof. Wu and Prof. Fu provided strong guarantee for our next development. Mr. Huang, our board chairman, expressed our strong belief in living up to the two professors' expections. With the leadership of our management team headed by Mr. Huang, Huahua will march bravely by taking even steadier, and faster steps on the way to the develpment of steel formwork. We make it our goal to grow big and strong in the world of steel formwork. We will spare no pains to climb up to the peak of the field of steel formwork and we promise to do what we can to take our responsibility to repay society. 



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